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Meet Pip Wallen-Priestley

Polochef World Tour!

Classically trained and qualified
I have been involved in the world of hospitality
as a culinary practitioner for 40 years.
Classically trained I have developed solid skills that have allowed me to follow and pursue my pleasures in the food industry.
Five top restaurants, two countries
Over the course of those years I have owned and operated 5 very successful and high profile food businesses. I started Polochef an exclusive private chef service right here in Edinburgh.
Press coverage and skills
Featured in several magazine and newspaper articles  along with Food Styling for Vogue (Australia), Visual Merchandiser in London, Restaurant and kitchen consulting, Chef training / demonstrator, Product and food development.
Food, polo, horses, cigars and expensive shoes.
Focus and Projection
I am constantly researching new and exciting dishes  pushing the boundaries to extend my repetior.
Attention to detail and service can not be compromised and has to be very polished and exact, anticipating your clients needs and fulfilling aspirations that offers a unique experience.
I am driven, self motivated and enthusiastic which generates and provides a unique experience.
Cooking still has an immense pleasure and a buzz  for me and I am in a job that I love and enjoy.
Not many people can say or experience that on a daily basis.
I am passionate about what I do. There is a book in there somewhere, but not just yet.