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Cocktails & Canapé Events


Delicious canapés and superb champagne served together is one of life’s richest pleasures!

This scrumptious kick-start to your event is fun and flirtatious, setting the scene for delightful social interaction!

Polochef will indulge your senses by daintily assembling exquisite fresh ingredients as little works of art, creating irresistible morsels to suit all taste buds and all occasions.

The sprinkling of culinary magic from Polochef ensures that you and your guests enjoy delectable canapés in a “one bite sensation” using craft and traditional and modern techniques that will delight you at every turn.

We can compile a list of bespoke canapés from Savoury, Sweet, Hot/Cold for your selection that will reflect and showcase your unique event and set the mood for a memorable experience.

Polochef can arrange a list of services; Champagne, Soft option beverage, Cocktail barman, Waiting staff and Glassware hire.

We can meet up with you to discuss format, timings date and advise on canapés, venue and any other services that will enhance your event.

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